Renewing Your Mind Daily

Something that really blesses me and has blessed me over and over again is the portion in the Bible that refers to renewing your mind Romans 12:2. I have always had a mind that was almost obsessive over things. Details, tragedies, past mistakes, disappointments, fears. My mind would just obsess over things that were out of my control until I was just miserable or felt crazy. When I began to learn about renewing the mind it began to change me mentally as nothing had before.

The Bible says be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. I could definitely use some transforming at this point! I wonder if anyone can relate to that desire to just stop to just not think certain things. I used to get so mad at myself and would often yell why are you like this. Mostly bad teaching and the law of condemnation and death was working in me. I had a lot of fear and condemnation working in my life so, I began to attack it like a virus. I started to look up all the scriptures in the bible concerning fear and condemnation. The bible holds our promises as children of God. I would find these scriptures that just undoubtedly made what I was thinking about myself not true! Romans says there is now therefore NO CONDEMNATION TO THOSE WHO ARE IN CHRIST. THE BIBLE SAYS FEAR NOT FOR I AM WITH YOU. FEAR NOT FOR I AM THAT I AM HAS SENT YOU.

You have to make a decision to believe and to have faith. As I began to repent (which just means to change your mind) and repeat these things over and over, I began to introduce a new voice into my mind the voice of God. As you continue to choose to exalt another voice (GOD’S) another way over the one that is in your mind eventually that kingdom of death and darkness begins to be overthrown in your life and in your mind. Yes, it is hard to choose to think something else after years of practice believing a lie but the more you practice as you know the better you get. Then the next thing you know it is second nature. Then you start to have moments of peace that grow and grow until you know nothing but peace. I wanted this to be the first thing I shared with everyone because this truth changed my life. 

Be careful and pay attention to the types of thoughts that you catch yourself entertaining. I used to have negativity and worse case scenarios going over and over in my mind like a broken record. Then I learned I can take those thoughts captive by speaking truth at those lies.

Maybe consider getting some notecards and writing down encouraging scriptures that prove these thoughts are not true. Eventually it’s second nature for your mind to think right. Even Jesus was tempted in the desert and had to tell the devil get thee behind it is written. Guess what it is written over your life to! Get into the scriptures find his promises that are for you.

If you don’t have a bible every App Store has a free one and if you Google Bible the internet has one too. You can search topics and find scriptures related to what you might be facing.

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