Be A Lid Lifter

Today I was really stressed out about some things that are going on at work. I wasn’t mad or upset I just left feeling drained and like is it even worth it to put in all this effort. Like am I even doing a good job or making a difference. The spirit rose up in me and I thought you know what we do our jobs whatever they may be whether it’s pastor, cashier, stay at home mom, or business owner those are only secondary to Gods true purpose for us. That doesn’t mean nothing else matters it just means our perspective isn’t right and we are putting our efforts into the wrong job. We shouldn’t look at as am I measuring up am I doing a good enough job etc. I truly believe whatever we do if we do our best and give the rest to God, he will make up the difference. I’ve seen it over and over in my life. He always qualifies us for wherever he wants us even if we don’t always qualify by man’s standards or fit the mold. He moves things and people around to get us where we belong. Other times he equips us on the fly so we shouldn’t worry. 

However, our real purpose is in our interactions with the people around us. Are we so caught up in the parts of our job and life that we have no control over that we become consumed with that and by association we become consumed with ourselves it becomes a hidden form of selfishness. The enemy wants to distract us and deceive of us, and we must be wiser than that. He will have us wasting all our time and energy on things that don’t even matter. We are to give it to God that is his job he is our provider and our comforter, and the Bible says our husband he cares for us. Don’t let the lies of the enemy trick you into giving up your joy so that all we are consumed with is self and we are so stressed, upset, worn out or even angry that we miss our opportunities with the people God has sent to us or placed around us.

Sometimes people just need attention because they don’t get it anywhere else or a simple loving interaction or a kind word can make all the difference. People need love, people need kindness, people need hope, people need joy. We can plant a seed in someone that can make their day or inspire them and possibly change the trajectory of their life. Don’t miss what God is doing around you and through you in your everyday interactions. We are to be the avenue for God to work in this hour his hands his feet his eyes his mouth. We are to love God’s people as he loves us. I had a minister in my beginning years preach a message about being one another’s lid lifters. I had to be probably 19 or 20 but I never forgot it. That we can either hold people down or we can lift the lid off those around us and allow them to rise when we see them burdened down be the one to lift it off not add to it. He raises up a brethren for such a time as this be that brethren. We have a motto at work ECHO every contact has opportunity and it’s so true! When you find yourself getting caught up in the cares and affairs of this world as the Bible says stop and take a moment to recalibrate and remember what its really all about. As always, I pray you are all blessed. If you need prayer or someone to stand with you feel free to reach out. I would be honored to stand with you.

Luke 12:22-34 – Talks about God cares for us

Esther 4:14 – a small peek into the great story of Ester, just a reference to the verse for such a time as this.

Galatinas 6:2

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